VM has reported a failure when processing extension ‘joindomain’ – AVD

If you encounter this error while creating a new VM from the host pool wizard, try following these suggestions to solve the issue, or at least drill down on the problem:

  • Check whether you can resolve your domain from your VNET
  • Check what DNS Servers are configured on your VNET, correct accordingly (follow this guide: Change VNet DNS Servers)
  • Check if you have permissions to join the domain using the credentials you provided
  • Check if the specified credentials are correct
  • Check if the domain to join (and the OU), specified in the wizard, is correct (parameters in the JSON: domainToJoinouPathexistingDomainUPNexistingDomainPassword).
  • Try to join a VM to the domain from the same network and subnet

If all the above are met, you should be able to join the VM successfully to the domain. If not, at least you should have more context to further troubleshoot the issue.

Error opening directory /mnt in Azure Storage Explorer for Linux

When you try to upload files in Azure Storage Explorer from the /mnt or /media partition, you get a permission denied error.

The error is related to the snap version of Azure Storage Explorer. This is a common error with snap applications.

To fix, from snap, enter Azure Storage Explorer, then click Permissions.

From there enable “Read/write files on removable storage devices”

Activate Azure Update Management for on premise servers using Log Analytics

i. Log Analytics workspace
ii. Azure Automation Account

From the Log Analytics Workspace, click Connect a data source
Save the Workspace ID and Workspace key
Install the agent on the server, providing the Workspace ID and Key found in the workspace

Go into the automation account, then from the left into update management
Enable update management on the VM by clicking on “Click to manage machines”

You can then see the missing updates and create an update deployment

Please allow up to 24hrs for all the servers to show up (it usually takes about an hour)