Cannot enable protection for a VM in ASR “This operating system isn’t supported in Azure”

If you get the following error, please check if the OS and kernel versions are supported:

If they are supported, you can install manually the agent on the VM. If it doesn’t work, try checking if the VM in VMware is configured as “Other (64-bit)” in the guest OS version. If it is, you should change the version to the specific Linux distribution you got installed. Mind that the VM must be shut off to change the Guest OS version.

To install manually the agent follow these steps:

  • Go under %ProgramData%\ASR\home\svsystems\pushinstallsvc\repository in your ASR server and copy the “Microsoft-ASR_UA*_GA*.tar.gz” file specific to your distribution.
  • Copy the file to the VM. I would recommend creating a specific folder for the file under /tmp
  • Copy the Conf server passphrase to the server
  • Unpack the file: tar -xvf Micorosft-ASR_UA_yourfile.tar.gz
  • Run the following command as root: ./install -d /usr/local/ASR -r MS -v VmWare -q
  • Register the mobility service to the Conf server: /usr/local/ASR/Vx/bin/ -i ConfserverIP -P /var/passphrase.txt

Enable Azure Serial Console for replicated Linux VMs – Azure

If you replicate a Linux VM right away you might end up with the serial console not working. This could be especially an issue if you have your network interfaces set as static and you have to change the IP addresses.

To enable the Serial Console you have to log into your on-premise Linux VM and run the following:

systemctl start serial-getty@ttyS0.service ​

systemctl enable serial-getty@ttyS0.service

Wait until the changes will be replicated, then connect directly from the Azure Console.

Extend LVM partition after resizing disk – Linux

First, rescan the disk after upgrading its size. Swap out sda for your disk:

echo 1>/sys/class/block/sda/device/rescan

Then open parted:


Inside parted send:


It will display the partitions on the disk:

Number Start End Size File system Name Flags
1 1049kB 2097kB 1049kB bios_grub
2 2097kB 1076MB 1074MB ext4
3 1076MB 644GB 643GB

Send resizepart, then insert the partition number you wish to extend. After that insert the new partition size in MB:

(parted) resizepart 
Partition number? 3
End?  [400.0GB]? 644245

Check the new size using:
fdisk -l

Extend the pv:
pvresize /dev/sda3

List your volume groups, the size should be adjusted automatically.


End the process with the resizing of the logical volume.

lvextend -l +100%Free /dev/vg01/lvvar OR lvextend -L+10G /dev/vg01/lvvar

Check the logical volume size:

Resize the file system:
resize2fs /dev/vg01/lvvar (for extX)

xfs_growfs /dev/vg01/lvvar (for xfs)

Check the result.

df -Th