Temporary Access Pass sign in was blocked due to User Credential Policy

General introduction

Temporary Access Pass is a time-limited passcode that allows users to register passwordless methods or recover access to their accounts without knowing their password. It is enabled via an authentication method policy that you can configure in Azure Active Directory. Apart from being time-limited, the TAP can also be configured for one-time use only. This can either be configured on the authentication methods policy so that every TAP created will be one time only (not the best idea at the moment) or at the creation of the TAP on the user authentication methods page.

The issue

The “Temporary Access Pass sign in was blocked due to User Credential Policy” issue is caused by the fact that the user has already used the TAP, and it was configured not to be valid for a second login. To fix this, modify the policy and allow for multi-use TAPs (if it’s not already enabled) then issue a new TAP.

While it makes sense from a general prospective to enable it for one-time use only at the policy level, this is usually impractical. For example, if you are using Autopilot, you’ll be requested to enter your credentials twice before configuring Windows Hello for Business. The first time, you’ll be asked for it at the enrollment phase, and the second time when logging into the user account for the first time. A one-time use TAP policy will create issues in this case. It’s also very common for users to mistakenly log off before configuring a passwordless method. If they do, you’ll need to issue a second TAP. For these reasons, it makes sense to allow a stricter lifetime but allow it to be used multiple times in that timeframe.

Modify the Temporary Access Pass policy:

  • Open authentication methods, then Temporary Access Pass. Authentication Methods | AAD
  • From here, go into Configure. If it’s already set to no, then proceed to the next step. If it’s set to yes then click on Edit.
  • From here, click on Require one-time use, and set it to no. Then save.

Issue a multi-use TAP:

  • Head into All Users | Azure AD, then select the user you want to issue the TAP to.
  • Click on Authentication Methods, then Add authentication method.
  • From the dropdown list, select Temporary Access Pass. Make sure One-time use is on No, then click on Add
  • Send the user the new TAP

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